What is a #StepUpMoment?

The concept is simple: making a decision to improve your life.


Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles. We believe that a foundation of health is imperative to thrive in this world. Without health, it is almost impossible to flourish.

This is why we provide free weekly fitness classes for individuals facing homelessness and extreme poverty. Currently in Syracuse, New York, workout sessions are held at the Rescue Mission, and participants earn $50 in healthy groceries for every 5 sessions attended. 

Specially designed gift cards restrict graduates to purchases from a pre-approved list of healthy food options.


The negative correlations between poverty and health are undeniable, and Syracuse is home to the poorest community in the nation.  For those living in extreme poverty or experiencing homelessness, the impression is that health and fitness cannot be a top priority for you; purchasing healthy foods and maintaining a healthy lifestyle seem out of reach.


Many preventative healthcare initiatives fail due to a lack of human connection... that is largely what makes Step Up Moment so unique.
— Kate Waltman, Founder of Step Up Moment

The benefits of exercise are well known, but many don't realize that the benefits of physical activity transcend far beyond just the physical.  Gaining a sense of community and belonging, increased happiness and improved mood, boosting intrinsic motivation -- these are all very measurable and substantial benefits that we can all enjoy through fitness. 

Through fun, fulfilling exercise routines, we introduce many of our community's homeless to actively working members of society. The sessions energize and inspire our participants to improve their lifestyles, and connect them - through fitness - with genuine and altruistic people who serve as positive influences in their lives.

Note: we are in the process of applying for 501c3 Tax-Exempt status which will ensure a more sustainable source of funding as we continue to grow the program to the Syracuse community at large... and beyond.

100% of donations will be used to fund the healthy groceries initiative, as well as providing water and snacks during sessions.